March 18th, 2013

Today at Pittsburgh Conference 2013, Bruker announced new configurations of its SCION™ 436 and SCION 456 gas chromatographs supporting the use of hydrogen carrier gas.

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Welcome to SCION Has Arrived

CBS simplifies residue analysis

Compound-based scanning software simplifies multi-residue analysis on a triple quadrupole mass spectrometry providing a matrix robust method with good sensistivity and linearity over an extended calibration range.

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Chromatography with Triple Quads

Chromatography with triple quadrupole continues to improve in sensitivity with lower limits of detection and improving productivity, providing unrivalled performance and value

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Bruker Launches SCION 436 and 456 Gas Chromatographs

At the recent Analytica Trade Fair held in Munich, Germany, Bruker launched its new generation gas chromatography platforms – the SCION™ Series Gas Chromatographs.

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Pesticide Residue Testing of Grains and Oil Seeds: Minimizing False Positives and False Negatives

GC-MS based pesticide residue testing in grains often results in enhanced response, with the degree of enhancement being dependent on the type of grain matrices - this article explores the minimization of these false positives and false negatives with the Bruker SCION TQ

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Cutting down the cross-talk

Regulatory demands for the use of pesticides are ever increasing and triple quad GC-MS seems to be the tool to meet them. However ‘cross-talk’ issues can cause analytical problems – but there is a way to beat them say Kefei Wang and Quingyu Sun

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Bruker launch new SCION 436-GC and 456-GC

Meredith Conoley, GC Marketing Director at Bruker Chemical and Applied Markets talks about the launch of the new generation of gas chromatography platforms - SCION 436-GC and SCION 456-GC at the recent Analytica in Munich.

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